I love to work with authors and publishers. If you want to get in contact with me, send me an email on

When you want to send a review request, please first read my review policy below.

Review policy

Hello! I’m very honored you’re considering me to review your book!

I am currently OPEN for review copies, but I am very picky in what I accept because I have A LOT of books to read. All requests that suggest you have not read my review policy will be deleted.

What I don’t accept:

  • Self-published novels and very small presses. Even tough I want to help all indie presses to promote their books, I just don’t have the time to read everything.
  • Everything that’s not YA. I only read YA, so if your book isn’t YA, please don’t send me a review request.

Genre’s I read:

  • YA fantasy
  • YA science fiction
  • YA dystopian
  • YA contemporary
  • YA historical fiction

What forms I will accept:

  • Prints (ARC/paperback/hardcover)
  • Digital copies (I have a KOBO)
  • Audiobooks

What should you include in your review request:

  • The summary
  • The genre
  • The release date
  • Any relevant information (tell me why you think I would like this book)
  • If you have a time frame for when you want me to review your book, please tell me, because that influences my decision.

What happens when I accept your review request?

When you send me a review copy, that will not guarantee that the book will be read immediately or will be posted on my blog or Instagram immediately. I have an immensely huge stack of books that I want to read, and a very busy life. But I will try my best to read and review the book in a timely mannes.

If the book is an ARC, I will post a review on or around the release date.

What happens if I didn’t enjoy your book?

All reviews will be my honest opinion and it is possible I don’t enjoy your book. You will see that in my review. I don’t write a good review just because you send me the book. If you are not okay with this, please don’t send a review request.

In addition to reviews, what are you open to?

  • Author interviews. I love to interview authors that I love.
  • Giveaways. I will post a giveaway when I have read the book, or want to read the book.
  • Blog tours. I like to do blog tours with interesting content.
  • Exclusive cover reveals. This has to be for an author I’ve read or a book I’m excited for.
  • Guest blogging. I am interested in guest blogging on other blogs and I am interested in guest bloggers on my blog, but only with interesting and relevant content.

I am NOT open for:

  • Paid reviews
  • Spam
  • Non-exclusive cover reveals
  • Promo blitzes
  • Posting about your book when I haven’t read it

Where should I contact you with my review request?

If you have read my policy and think you tick all the boxes, you can send me a request. Review request that do not follow my guidelines will be deleted.

I read for fun, not to make money out of it. Please keep that in mind when contacting me. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to accept a book, but that doesn’t mean your book doesn’t interest me. I would love to read every book in the world, but sadly that is not possible.